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Aluminium 3.5Core Cable

Aluminium 3.5Core Cable

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Low voltage power cable for fixed application,
Aluminium conductor, XLPE insulation and PVC outer sheath.



Nexus U-1000 AR2V aluminium cables can be used in all low voltage power installations.
This product can complete our range of photovoltaic applications (branded Nexus KEYLIOS®).

Our range also offers Nexus TWISTAL®, the twisted single-core version of U-1000 AR2V, specially designed to make three-phase links with neutral. TWISTAL® simplifies your life and offers many advantages :

  • Each core is spotted with a color band
  • The twisted core reduces the number of drums and cables pulling
  • This solution can allow to reduce the section of used cables (in parallel circuits)
  • TWISTAL® is more flexible and light than a multiconductor, allowing to increase

comfort and saving of time


These cables can be fixed on cable trays, within conduits or fixed to walls. They also can be buried directly with extra mechanical protection.‍


  1. Conductor:

  • stranded circular aluminium - class 2

   2. Insulation:

  • XLPE - cores identification by colours

 3.Laying up (for multi conductors):

  • with non hygroscopic filler

  4. Outer sheath:

  • Lead free black PVC

   1. International:

  • IEC 60228
  • IEC 60502-1


  • XP C 32-321


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Warranty : You're in luck! Our wires and cables comes with an impressive 10-year Warranty for the copper and a solid 3-year warranty for the sheath. That's long-lasting peace of mind! 🌟🔌Certificates And Standards : INSO-IEC-ISO9001-CE-TUV

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