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Flexible 4Core Cable

Flexible 4Core Cable

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Flexible electrical cable, also known as flex cable, is a type of wire that is designed to be flexible and bendable. It is commonly used in applications where the cable needs to be moved or flexed frequently, such as in robotics, machinery, or portable devices. Its capability lies in its ability to withstand repeated bending without damaging the conductors inside. This makes it ideal for applications that require flexibility and durability. 🚀🔌Step into the world of electric wire, where power meets versatility. Our premium wire is designed to deliver a reliable flow of electricity, providing the backbone for all your electrical projects. With its durable construction and superior performance, you can trust our wire to keep your connections strong and your devices running smoothly. Whether you're tackling a DIY project or working on a professional installation, our electric wire is the perfect companion for your electrical adventures. Let us power up your world!" ⚡🔌✨

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Warranty : You're in luck! Our wires and cables comes with an impressive 10-year Warranty for the copper and a solid 3-year warranty for the sheath. That's long-lasting peace of mind! 🌟🔌Certificates And Standards : INSO-IEC-ISO9001-CE-TUV

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